How to Organize Kids

The main aspect in bringing up a child is his organization that should be taught as earlier as possible. As soon as the child starts going to school, you must create a schedule, according to which he will be able to distribute his efforts for the day. The ability, and most importantly the desire of the child to plan his activities, is an important part of personal becoming. Never forget to monitor the process constantly. But keep in mind that the control should be lightsome and have advisory nature.

Not to have problems with disorganization, you should develop certain habits in your kids. Having good habits at the early age helps to grow organized and confident adults in future. However, you can simultaneously develop your own habits. To do this, there are various techniques and methods. Let’s consider them.

Do as I do

It is the most simple and intelligible way to instill a useful habit to a child. So you can brush your teeth together, tidy up the room, look after flowers or animals, wash the dishes and do other housework.

Unfortunately, for various reasons, you can not always use this method. For example, you have short curly hair, and your daughter has straight and thick hair, she can resist the braiding, as she does not have a suitable example. In these and many other situations other useful tricks can help.

Play the game

A lot of problems can be solved through the game. We create a playing field, describe actions and denote prizes. Such a casual attitude often helps in different situations.

Let’s take a game “Hidden toys.” It is necessary to find them all and put them in their houses. Or you can dress to a merry song which reflects the sequence of your future steps.


It’s easier for children to get used to routines if they are tied to a daily routine or associated with some repetitive ritual.

In this way, it’s the easiest way to instill the habits related to health, hygiene or help about the house. Kids, despite their waywardness and riots, are very fond of predictability and stability that adults give them.

Come up with a system for giving stickers when your sibling has done some work or exchanging them for something worthwhile. Record a voice memo on the phone and use the timer. In short, create a single system to do the ritual with the habit. And then the process will work for you. Are you waiting for this? Act!

Washing in the morning, making the bed, watering flowers, affusing with a cold shower and other treatments are easily transformed into a useful habit when they come with a particular ritual.

The refusal of the habit

Sometimes parents are very zealous in matters of discipline for children. In this case, an interesting effect gives the temporary abandonment of compulsion to something, i.e. the action vice versa. If you have been asking the child to put his shoes neatly in the hall for a month but in vain, now don’t do it. If you have previously told the child not to walk on the cold floor without slippers, now praise him for his independence and encourage him with words. Such a method is one of the most effective and is suitable for many habits such as the teaching of reading, writing, gathering toys, folding clothes, hygiene.

Remember that all this allow us to add gradually new habits, make children be organized and prepare them for adult life.