Books Helping to Raise Globally Minded Children

The value of the books for the baby is great. Books are used for expanding the concept of the world. It is the parents who read the first books to the child, have an impact on the formation of his readers’ tastes and preferences.

Read with your child! When you read books aloud systematically, then over time the child begins to understand the structure and the plot. The child develops logical thinking. Through reading the child learns to make suggestions, his vocabulary expands. In addition, the child gets the ability to listen, and this is a very important quality.

Experience shows that when the children reading books, telling stories, become adults, they read a lot. Reading helps to know the native language, develops imagination.

The reader is formed in the child only when the book corresponds his age, interests, view of the world, demands, elans.


Do you wonder what books the children of different ages like?

From 2 to 5. Preschoolers prefer prose poems. They are very fond of rhymes such as poems, songs, folk songs. This kind of literature is dynamic and expressive, it meets the needs of the kids, because it has the best combination of rhythm, intonation, melody and movement. By the way, kids love colorful books.

From 6 to 8. Reading preferences are changing rapidly. 5-6-year-old children are no longer interested in nursery rhymes and short poems. At this age, they develop reading skills. The children of school age prefer a more complicated plot with a large number of characters. They may also be interested in all kinds of children’s encyclopedia which provides information about the surrounding world.

From 9 to 13. The readers of this age are interested in the history and the life of historical figures (conquerors, scholars, travelers, heroes). They like moral and ethical issues, thinking about friendship, love, happiness.

From 14 to 18. The reader is determined by the terms of his favorite themes and characters. It depends on the interests, talents, character traits, the environment and so forth.

When choosing a book for your child, think how it may influence on him, what new he will learn. No matter where you get books either from the book stand or library or shop, always remember that reading has a huge impact on child development – his intelligence, creativity and logical thinking, emotional and social development, psychological and psychophysiological development. Raise your kid a globally minded child!