Online Education during Pandemic: Boon or Bane?

Online Education

On an average, 500 million, students all over the world are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, which necessarily means shut down of all schools and colleges, projects, books and assignments. Does this mean the students have been chilling over the past eight months? Definitely not, the online classes, and the online education system got their back.

However, this new shift in trend of online learning is rather a necessity than a luxury. But is it worth it? In this article, we will list the advantages and pain points of the online education system during the pandemic, so you can decide for yourself.

Pain points

Lack of face-to-face interaction: Visual education, by looking at the teachers write the definition and formulas on the board feels like history. Even though, the face to face interaction does its job of imparting education, the probability of students gaining any knowledge from it is minimal.

No time commitment: Time commitment is again a problem when we’re shifting to the online world. Since it depends on the Internet connectivity and electronic devices, there could be a problem with the connection and so on, which often delays the process and classes.

 Lack of discipline: In an online classroom environment, students are often free from any boundaries and regulations. Hence, the obvious curriculum is gone to the drain with no disciplinary actions, and the level of distraction is also very high.

Technological challenges: Even though it is a necessity now, only people with stable internet connection, a laptop or computer can afford online classes and it is a disadvantage for people that do not have the luxury of owning one.


Advantages of online education

Flexibility: It is one of the major advantages of online education. It is now just limited to the online classes, but also extends to the websites like Udemy that extend online courses and education to the people who want to update their skillet. It saves time and energy from travelling from one place to another.

Wider choices: Online education system allows the people to choose from a wider base of subjects and other courses which might not be available in the traditional or college-based education system. Students also have the liberty to choose from combinations of different streams like science with psychology or commerce with the mass communication, etc.

Use of data: Unlike traditional college system, the student need not take down notes physically using pen and paper. They can make sure of the document features to record the session.

Safety first: This particular advantage masks all the disadvantages mentioned above. During this time of the pandemic it is important to stay indoors and stay safe. But introducing online classes with the help of online education system and platforms, it is of utmost importance to care for the student and their family. Hence, online education system has been a boon in this regard, without putting an end or a pause to a student’s education.

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