Role of Non Profit Organizations Strengthening Education System in India

Education System

Education is one of the most powerful weapon that helps in shaping the country, and also help in the betterment of the nation. However, despite having 73 years of independence according to various studies, over 2 core students are either deprived of education, or are surviving in conditions that are unfavorable for education.

Although the government’s ‘Right to Education Act’ has been making favorable changes in the field of education for marginalized sector, it is still a long journey to reach the end of the tunnel.


Role of NGO’s

Since there is a major imbalance in the education system, the role of NGO’s are crucial. They’re essential to balance the educational see-saw. Many NGO’s like the UNICEF in India work at the grass loot level to help and strengthen the education system in India. They’re also an important source to spread awareness about the importance of education, especially for the backwards and the marginalized sector of the society.

India is a vast country, both geographically and demographically and hence it is a rather impossible task to bring children from entire country on to the same platform. Even today the retention rate of the schools is extremely low and a larger number of students drop out of education even before reaching high school.

In such a scenario, it imperative for the whole society or a group of society to come tighter to impart the right knowledge to the children and their facilities. This job is taken up by the NGO’s.

Contribution of NGOs to Indian Education System

NGOs are also meant to make sure the Right to Education Act reaches the most deprived section of the society as well. The main idea is to ensure that the children of the country, irrespective of their origin, caste, creed, sex and family background are able to receive equal education opportunities, similar to the privileged ones. They do so by taking various measure like:

 Spreading awareness: The most crucial aspect of getting children onboard on the educational platform is to spread awareness among the crowd and communities in the rural and marginalized areas of the country.

Penetration of quality education: The next step is to ensure quality education reaches even the most unprivileged parts of the country and also to enhance the learning experience. This is mostly done with or without the help of the government bodies, by hiring and training the most valuable teaches. Many NGOs like Save the Children also set up libraries to these students.

Collaboration with different groups: Sometimes it gets really challenging to achieve the goal, which then the NGOs either tie up with other groups or channels to help them build their community and impart the right kinds of activities and education to the children in need.

Indian Education System


Although there is a lot of work that needs to be done regarding imparting education to the backwards and the unprivileged, NGOs are playing a crucial role in doing so. The importance of existing and growing NGOs in developing counties like India is undeniable while they ensure no child is left behind regarding education.

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